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Climb Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak with Shah Tours

Why climb Kilimanjaro or book your Tanzania safari with us!

  • 40 years of experience in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania safaris & more.
  • Superior & experienced guides for memorable experiences.
  • Family owned & operated and with 99% local Tanzanian staff.
  • High quality Kilimanjaro equipment and 4x4 safari fleet.
  • Responsible and externally monitored on our Kilimanjaro treks.
  • Safety is our no. 1 priority with the highest standards.
  • Over 100,000+ happy clients to Kilimanjaro, safari & more!
  • Supporting the local community with projects and initiatives.

You can help our community

Tanzania and Kilimanjaro is a developing nation where some still struggle for basic necessities to live. Although we don't encourage visiting our poor communities as a 'museum' we appreciate many wish to help. Below are some great causes you can support.

Share Tanzania operates in the foothills of mount Kilimanjaro in rural Tanzania to support vulnerable children in crisis who may have disabilities or experience child labour as well as helping families to build a safe and loving home. We encourage all who can support to consider this wonderful organization.

Pioneering responsible and ethical climbing on Kilimanjaro, we encourage support for the great work the 'Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project' and 'Kilimanjaro Responsible Trekking Organization' have done with regards to welfare of people and the environment surrounding mount Kilimanjaro.

Greenmanjaro provides climate care education in the Kilimanjaro region and has made the KILI PROMISE. As the Greenmanjaro team, their KILI PROMISE protects nature, avoids littering, plants trees and works to maintain & extend climate care projects for and by kids.

The Nessa Foundation is addressing the rapid ice decline on Mount Kilimanjaro caused by climate change, which threatens local ecosystems, water resources, and tourism. They have initiated a project to plant 50,000 trees to combat climate change and restore the area's natural balance.