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Sustainable tourism refers to taking the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural impacts of tourism into consideration when visiting places around the world. Traveling to Tanzania for a safari adventure can introduce you to unique cultures and communities, and allow you to witness extraordinary wildlife and plants native to the country.  Booking a safari trip with us

Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak

Mount Kilimanjaro Height

Mount Kilimanjaro Height Located in Tanzania (East Africa), Mount Kilimanjaro is the African continent’s tallest / highest mountain and dormant volcano with a height of 5895m or 19,341ft above mean sea level (AMSL) considered the ‘rooftop of Africa’. Considered as the ‘rooftop of Africa’ and the world’s largest free standing mountain Kilimanjaro is extremely achievable

Kilimanjaro coronavirus

Tips for a Kilimanjaro climb during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic! Look for flexibility when booking and planning your tour and ask for more flexibility if needed (most companies will be happy to help). Not much has changed overall with the mountain itself but the way you book and plan for your tour will probably have

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect from your Kilimanjaro trek and how your ‘life on the mountain’ will be. We have operated treks on Kilimanjaro since 1984 and are the best!

Planning your Kilimanjaro trek

Planning to climb Kilimanjaro? It doesn’t need to be difficult. There are so many options to choose from and everyone is unique in their requirements. We have gathered some useful information to help you plan and prepare for your high altitude trek.

KILIMANJARO PORTERS ASSISTANCE PROJECT The exploitation and mistreatment of porters can be a troubling challenge in the climbing industry. By climbing with us – a qualified KPAP Partner company – you can be assured that your porters are well taken care of. All Kilimanjaro companies are invited to participate with the Partner for Responsible Travel