Traveling to Tanzania, important information

From COVID-19 guidelines to managing finances, this article covers everything you need to know when traveling to Tanzania. Stay informed and ensure a smooth journey.

Kilimanjaro packing check list

Preparing for Kilimanjaro? Ensure you have all the necessary gear and equipment for a successful trek with our detailed Kilimanjaro packing check-list and visual guide.

Kilimanjaro trek insurance

Embarking on the mighty Kilimanjaro trek is an adventure of a lifetime. Yet, having the right insurance is crucial for both peace of mind and practical reasons. Dive deep into what makes a policy fit for this unique journey.

tipping on Kilimanjaro

Embarking on a Kilimanjaro trek? Dive into our all-inclusive guide on tipping, a significant custom that complements the earnings of the hardworking mountain crew, enhancing your adventure in this majestic region.

Mountain equipment for Kilimanjaro trek

Venturing up Kilimanjaro? Dive into Shah Tours’ essential mountain equipment offerings, ensuring you’re well-prepared for every step of your trek. From sleeping tents to portable toilets, we’ve got your trekking needs covered.

Diamox Acetazolamide Kilimanjaro

A comprehensive guide that covers all the essential Kilimanjaro health precautions. From vital vaccinations to dealing with altitude sickness, this is your go-to resource.

Kilimanjaro best route map

Navigating the various Kilimanjaro routes can be overwhelming. Dive into our comprehensive guide that breaks down each path, making your choice simpler and tailored to your unique trekking profile.

Your guide to securing a visa for Tanzania. From essential documents to the latest procedures, ensure a hassle-free entry for your Kilimanjaro adventure.

Kilimanjaro weather forecast

Planning to climb Kilimanjaro? Explore the optimal seasons for your adventure, balancing weather, crowd levels, and memorable astronomical backdrops for a perfect ascent.

Kilimanjaro Mountain Porters

When embarking on a journey to the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, it’s crucial to know your Kilimanjaro expedition crew. Even though you may be leaving familiar faces behind for this grand adventure, you’ll quickly discover a new family in Tanzania.