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Sustainable tourism refers to taking the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural impacts of tourism into consideration when visiting places around the world. Traveling to Tanzania for a safari adventure can introduce you to unique cultures and communities, and allow you to witness extraordinary wildlife and plants native to the country.  Booking a safari trip with us

New Entry Requirements Tanzania

Although the global corona virus pandemic is complex, our solutions overall are simple and fall into four primary categories which we have based on the World Health Organizations guidelines…

Airport for Kilimanjaro, safaris or Zanzibar There are three main international airports in Tanzania as described below. Most tourists usualy fly to / from Kilimanjaro International Airport when visiting Tanzania however you should always consider your full tour for the most convenient airport and whats actually available options from your origin country. Kilimanjaro International Airport

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We are so humbled to receive our 2020 Travellers Choice 2020 award from TripAdvisor as our amazing clients reviews have put us in the top 10% of attractions worldlide!

Tarangire National Park

Rules on a safari in Tanzania

You will enter National Parks or Conservation Areas on your tour that are managed by a government authority. We have outlined some of the basic rules all are expected to follow to allow conservation of Tanzania’s nature and a fun, safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Safari tipping

Safari tipping guidelines

We realize that tipping may not be a common practice in your country or culture, so this guide is designed to help this process be easy, transparent and fair for all involved as there is a tipping culture for your wildlife safari.