Hiking, walking and trekking in Tanzania with highlights including....

  • Africa's highest & the worlds tallest free standing mountain; Mt. Kilimanjaro (5985m)
  • Rift valley and Ngorongoro highland maasai hikes
  • Walking & canoeing safaris
  • One day hikes and cultural walks
  • and much more!
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Hiking, trekking and walking in Tanzania

North-eastern Tanzania is an especially great destination for those looking for an active holiday adventure and offers you the chance to experience waterfalls, nature, wildlife, spectacular scenery, wildlife from national parks, towns and villages which share a backdrop of towering mountains, vast savannah, caldera's, craters or the Rift valley.

Most who visit Tanzania for a hiking adventure or for the first time will definitely want to climb Africa's highest peak at 5895m or 19,341ft; Uhuru peak - Mount Kilimanjaro. This has to be Africa's best mountain to climb and the most accessible of the '7 summits' requiring no technical experience or equipment and offering  the amateur or experienced climber the chance to walk on the tallest free standing mountain in the world and enjoy the 'equator to arctic' scenery through mountain forest, heather and moorland, alpine desert and snowy / glacial summit.

For those not wanting or able to reach the high altitudes, plenty of one or two day low alttiude hikes or nature walks in the lower mountain slopes are available offering mountain forest, waterfalls, nature, coffee plantations, banana plantations and plenty more on the foothills of Kilimanjaro or beyond into the Maasai highlands of Ngorongoro. You don't have to be a seasoned trekker to explore the lower slopes of the snow capped mountain.

Shah Tours have operated Kilimanjaro and mountain treks since 1984 (over 35 years!) and are one of the first companies offering this as an international trekking destination. We have a superior team of experienced guides, excellent equipment, externally monitored fair treatment standards and a professional experience from airport to airport to safely guide you on Africa's highest and some of the worlds most remote trails.

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When to visit

These recommendations are based on weather predictions and trends.

Excellent time

January, February, July to October, December

Good time

March, June, November

Mixed time

April, May

Why choose us?

Here are some of the top reasons thousands have chosen Shah Tours.

35+ years experience

We are not just saying it, we have decades of experience with many guides having worked with us for years and years creating memories since 1984.

Family owned

Currently on the third generation of the 'Shah' in Shah Tours, we have always been family owned bringing the experience and passion of many generations.


We are part of multiple organisations to ensure our standards are high. Some of our tours are also externally monitored to ensure fair and independent monitoring.

Superior guides

Most of our guides have worked with us for many years and have plenty of training, skill and real world experience to offer a superb and friendly experience in multiple languages.

Safe and Reliable

Policies for safety and operations ensure our tours are enjoyable and safe. Some companies still operate without licenses and cut corners, we are not one of them!

Happy clients

Although we have never counted exactly, we can safely say that many tens of 1000's have travelled with us and left happy. We continually improve based on feedback.