COVID-19 updated entry requirements - updated 05 August 2020

On 05 August 2020 the requirement from our borders for a negative COVID-19 certificate was removed and this is now up to your airlines or departure country (check with them!) if you need this for travel.


Updated entry requirements for tourists and residents travelling into Tanzania after 05 August 2020

The entry requirements into Tanzania have changed again on 05 August 2020!. The primary change is removing the requirement on our border for a certificate and leaving this up to the country of departure and airlines after many stakeholders agreed this makes travelling to our destination difficult logistically. You can speak to our sales team if you are unsure of the requirements for your tour.

  1. Commercial flights are still accepted and have been since 18 May 2020. Many airlines have already resumed their flights into Tanzania, on a limited schedule.
  2. A negative COVID-19 certificate is not required by our government for entry at a port however may be required by your airline or departure country so you need to check with them for any requirements for departure, flight and re-entry.
  3. All international and resident travellers should observe and adhere to infection prevention and control measures such as hand hygiene, wearing masks, social distancing as appropriate.
  4. Travellers are required to truthfully fill out a declaration form available onboard or at the port of entry and submit to the Port Health Authority on arrival.
  5. All travellers entering should dispose of single use masks at appropriate waste collection stations.
  6. Airlines are required to provide advanced passenger information which may be scrutinized by the Port Authority to identify high risk passengers.

You can read the latest updated here: read full update.

Remember we have maximum flexibility on bookings currently for all our tours in case of any last minute flight changes, surprise requirements and to help you manage your holiday with us during a global pandemic.